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Arginine How it Produces HGH in Your Body

Over twenty amino acids have been identified and studied in the last fifty years, and one of those amino acids is Arginine. In fact, Arginine is a key amino acid. These amino acids are the building blocks for proteins in the body, which are the building blocks for living cells.


The body is made up of 80 percent non essential amino acids and 20 percent essential amino acids. Your body has the ability to synthesize the non essential amino acids from other amino acids, whereas the body cannot make the essential amino acids, so they have to come from a dietary source. How well your body can synthesize amino acids is linked to your age and health.

The amino acid research has shown that Arginine plays a role in enhancing the immune system, rapid healing of injuries, developing larger muscle mass, reversing atherosclerosis, increasing sexual potency, assisting in the removal of waste through the kidneys, and the releasing of human growth hormone (HGH).

How Arginine Increases Human Growth Hormone Production

There have been studies that have looked at the effects that Arginine has on the release of HGH in the body. In fact, a standard test to check for the pituitary glands ability to release Human Growth Hormone involved administrating large doses of Arginine or L-Arginine. While a test using insulin is believed to be more effective, it is not accepted as standard testing. The majority of scientists believe that Arginine helps promote HGH release because it inhibits Somatostatin. In fact, scientific studies confirm this.

Concerns With Arginine as an HGH Releaser

Some believe that when Arginine is used as an HGH releaser it can result in the release of high levels of HGH that can be dangerous. This is an incorrect assumption. The effectiveness of Arginine actually decreases with constant use and with age. The prerequisite to using Arginine is that a person must have finished growing a minimum of 5 years earlier, except in a few rare conditions where it would administered by a doctor.

The most common dosage recommended for amino acids that are to improve the release of HGH is 10 to 30 grams of Arginine combined with 2 grams of L-glutamine. This is adequate to maintain youthful levels of HGH in the body, when started in the early 30's and used until the 40's. Occasionally use is carried on into the 50's. For Arginine to be effective, you need to cycle 6 weeks on then 2-3 weeks off. You can do this for an indefinite amount of time.

The Safety of Arginine

There has been clinical trials conducted showing Arginine to be safe when used for a maximum of three months with only minor side effects such as abdominal pain, bloating, gout, and diarrhea. If you have asthma, breathing problems could become an issue. In addition, occasionally Arginine interacts with some blood pressure and heart medications, as well as Viagra. Women who are nursing or pregnant should not take Arginine unless their doctor Okays it. Research would suggest that Arginine could play a role in the release of human growth hormone. For those interested in trying an HGH releaser that contains Arginine risk free please read more here!

benefits of HGH
Benefits of Injecting HGH

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